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Dane Robinson

Board Member

Dane officially joined Aslan in 2009 and regularly encourages their international partners, in addition to helping out with medical camps when he visits the field.

Dane grew up in OK, AR and TX. Went to Texas A&M for undergrad then on to medical school there as well. Trained in Family Medicine in Tulsa, OK, then worked in Norfolk, NE for 7 years before going to Turkey with his wife Marla and their kids for 9 years. Now he lives in Fort Worth, TX doing ER full time.

He joined Aslan officially ("I’d long been with them in my heart") shortly after returning to the USA from Turkey in 2009.

He loves doing his best to stay in touch with and encourage Aslan's international partners that he's met and worked with. He also loves helping out with medical camps overseas: "There is always a felt need and God uses my medicinal care as a great door for kindness and the gospel."

In his own words, his favorite Aslan moment:

"So many amazing moments. One that had a particular impact on me was outside Kolkata, after a long day of seeing many patients, I was hot, tired and sweaty when I was asked to go to the home of a man badly burned by a fire. We walked to his home, and I found his wife sitting on the ground, waving a fan, trying to cool this man who was under a mosquito net, laying outside in the shade. He had the terrible odor of rotting flesh, his skin was terribly burned from the groin to his ankles. The flesh was yellow, scabby, full of pus and appeared to be falling off him. He was difficult to arouse. His wife explained that an oil lamp had been accidentally been knocked off the table onto his mosquito net while sleeping. Though terribly burned, after a short few hours at the hospital, they sent him home with little to no care. He had been in this state for about a month and was suffering.

After an exam, my scientific logical mind said this man is dying. Give him comfort. But the Holy Spirit spoke and said, 'Don’t give up, care for him.'

I found that the wife, although lacking in education, was bright and teachable. I showed her how to make dressings for his legs and how to change them using simple supplies she had at home and some gauze that we could provide. After helping her make the dressing and apply them, we prayed for his health, his life, his recovery. We arranged for our nurse Sarah to follow up with antibiotics and to monitor his progress.

A year later we were able to visit this man. He is up and about, happy to be alive, following Jesus’ way.

He does have terrible scars and needs some surgery, but he lived! It was a miracle to me."

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