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Stories from the Field

Generational Transformation

By working with children in need, Aslan can have a generational and long-term effect on a community.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Generational Transformation

Many who go overseas to work with the poor and those who are most in need quickly become discouraged when their work is either poorly received or they see few results from the hard work they’ve been performing.

This can lead to either deep discouragement and a return home, but for many it leads them toward working with children. Even though it takes longer to see the effects of this work, it’s easier to have a profound impact on a life’s trajectory.

This is one of the reasons why Aslan is so focused on reaching children. By working with children in need, Aslan can have a generational and long-term effect on a community. These children who learn about the love of God through Aslan can become champions of that love in their communities as they grow older.

An Orphanage in Ethiopia

John Ramey said, “When Aslan first started, the first big project we did—about 30 years ago now—I met a missionary from Switzerland that was working with Somali people in Ethiopia.”

The Somali people are one of the most disengaged groups of people from the church. This group includes people in Somalia as well as Somalis who reside in other countries. Because this was a group that needed to see God’s love, Aslan was particularly interested in this partnership.

So Aslan raised the support necessary to open an orphanage in Ethiopia specifically serving Somalian children.

A Lasting Impact

Although this project started 30 years ago, John Ramey is soon flying to Ethiopia to meet a man who grew up in that same home as a boy. He’s still invested in the community where he grew up and is now reaching children and other Somalians with the same love that he received as a child.

John said, “This guy that I’m going to meet in Ethiopia grew up in that orphan home as a little boy. He remembers me when he was growing up because they made the children at this home pray for me every night before they would give them their meals.”

This man grew up calling John his dad because of the work of Aslan, and it’s clear that this relationship has only grown stronger over the years.

“This guy and several others who grew up in the home are just outstanding servants of Christ now,” John said. “And really God is doing amazing things with a few of them in Ethiopia. So that’s pretty cool. That’s a long term thing.”

But the work doesn’t end when the children grow up. A new job begins as they work to better their communities and serve the next generation. What started as a partnership with a Swiss missionary has become a partnership with the next generation of Somalians.

“We still help these guys in a lot of practical ways. One guy we’re helping build a house. We help them with stuff for their kids.”

Seeing God’s Promises Come True

“When I visited the orphanage a long time ago, I saw these children, and it weighed on my heart.” John thought often about Psalm 27:10, which reads, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.”

John said about these orphans, “There’s a specific promise for you, and God’s going to take care of you and take you up and give you wonderful lives. And that’s exactly what God has done.”

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